Sunday, 20 April 2014

The end of Lent, but the challenge goes on...

It's Easter Sunday, and the end of Lent. Eagle-eyed readers will notice that I haven't posted for a while, and unfortunately this is because I haven't got on very well with my decrapifying. In fact I have another three bags of clothes and a box of stuff just from the master bedroom, but I never managed to get them to the charity shop, so I didn't quite feel I could write about them.

Although I was happy to have found the 40 Bags In 40 Days blog, I was slightly distracted by all the post by people who had the time to spend day after day sorting, binning, donating, and so on. I fell into the trap of comparing myself with others in different situations, and feeling guilty about not matching up to their standards. If I had kept in mind that it wasn't a competition, I would probably have got more done!

In any case, I intend to carry on at my own pace, and I will reduce my clutter (slowly but surely). I'll be concentrating on the useless things I've been carrying around with me from place to place for years, particularly those things that come with their own emotional baggage, and trying to keep from replacing the things I've got rid of with more clutter. Perhaps by Advent I'll be able to report more success!

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