Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Blankets and bedclothes

Full of renewed vigour after discovering the 40 Bags In 40 Days community, I decided to tackle the airing cupboard. This previously contained sheets and towels we 1) use on a regular basis, 2) use irregularly but reliably, for example when parents come to stay, 3) haven't used for a while but might conceivably do so, for example if lots of people came to stay, or 4) haven't used in years and can't imagine when we might do so again.
The killer category here is number 3 of course, but with a little help I managed to get the keepers down to 1, 2, the newest-looking set of single bedding, and a few assorted hand towels. Everything else went in The Bag, and for the first time in a long while I now have more sheets and towels that I'm using than not. 

I donated this bag to a charity called Aspire Oxford, a charity which creates employment for disadvantaged people in Oxford through services such as textile recycling. Green Templeton College is taking part in a recycling challenge at the moment, so I have added my bag to the pile.

In '40 Bags' terms I think that's my fourth bag (guessing because I didn't actually bag the magazines), so I'm quite far behind. More motivation needed, I think...

The Bag - it doesn't look like much but it took a lot of effort

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